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Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

Your privacy is important to us. Stacey Sain does not sell,share, or rent information collected on this site to others in ways differentfrom what is disclosed on this statement.

Personal Information

Personal information includes any information that can beused to identify or contact you, such as your name, address, e-mail address,telephone number or Social Security number. Stacey Sain does not collectpersonal information unless it is voluntarily provided. We may use personalinformation only as required or permitted by law, including to verify youridentity or to respond to requests or inquiries from you.

Nonpersonal Information

Stacey Sain will also inactively collect non-identifiablepersonal data which is used for the purpose of improving the customer usabilityand overall quality of our website.

Security of Your Information

Stacey Sain treats the security of your informationseriously. All reasonable efforts are used to keep information from our userssecure against unauthorized access and use. When you volunteer your information,it is stored on a secure server.

Disclosure of Your Information

Once you enter your details and submit the contact form, youthereby agree to the terms of this privacy policy. If you don’t agree to any ofthese terms, please do not submit your details to Stacey Sain or use thiswebsite.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Stacey Sain will reserve the right to make changes to thisprivacy policy as required. The most current policy will be posted on thiswebsite. You are encouraged to review this online privacy policy regularly. Thelaws of the state of TN and the United States of America govern any legalobligation under this privacy policy, regardless of where the user is at thetime of viewing this website.

Please remember that it is essential when purchasing apolicy from Stacey Sain that your details should be given to the insurancecompany, so that they may start the proceedings with the service.

Use of Cookies

It is possible that Stacey Sain will use third partyservices when completing your order or for the purpose of validating yourapplication. This is solely in order to provide you with this service and isessential to your application. We do not use cookies to collect personal informationfrom users.

These third parties are prohibited by law from sharing your personal information or using it to promote or market their own business. Web Directory, New Directory, Website Design Directory


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